Baby Moses Dallas

Contributions to the Baby Moses Dallas are used to help save children's lives.  Our goals of educating the Dallas County community about the Baby Moses law depend on individual donors as well as gifts from agencies and the business community.  Your participation is appreciated.

The Baby Moses Dallas organization is a non-profit 501(c) 3, which makes all donations tax deductible.

Our Current Donation Need: A video projector to allow us to make presentations about the Baby Moses Law to groups around North Texas. This includes presentations to those at designated Safe Baby Sites as well as to potential mothers in crisis. The cost is approximately $900.  If you would like to donate to help us get a projector, please send your donation to the address below or contact us if you would like to donate a projector.

How can your contributions help save the lives of babies?

$$$$$ Allows us to meet long-term goals to educate personnel at all Safe Haven sites in Dallas County, provide on-going support for educational initiatives in schools and crisis centers, and educate the public about the law.
$1,500 Helps create brochures and posters for schools and other locations to help inform mothers who might be at risk for abandoning an unwanted baby.
$500 Helps make copies of public service announcements (PSA) that explain the Baby Moses law and distribute them to local television stations.
$75 Helps us copy and distribute information about the Baby Moses law to county fire stations and hospitals.
$25 Purchases materials for an emergency baby bag to be placed in county fire stations.

All gifts are appreciated and are used responsibly to help save babies through the Baby Moses/Safe Haven initiative.

Send donations to:

Baby Moses Dallas
Attn: Alan Elliott
PO Box 1169
Cedar Hill, TX 75106



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